Caleydo is an open source visual analysis framework targeted at biomolecular data. The biggest strength of Caleydo is the visualization of interdependencies between multiple datasets. Caleydo can load tabular data and groupings/clusterings. You can explore relationships between multiple groupings, between different datasets and see how your data maps onto pathways. Caleydo has been successfully used to analyze mRNA, miRNA, methylation, copy number variation, mutation status and clinical data as well as other datset types.

All published parts of the software are available as open source. Developers and researchers that want to use or enhance the current tools are invited to contribute. See our Github page for further details.

Web and Standalone Version

Until 2014, Caleydo was a downloadable piece of software. Since then and going forward, however, all of our new tools are/will be web-based. We will soon release a visualization framework aimed at developers, but you can already enjoy our visualization tools. We are also committed to porting our older standalone tools to the web browser, yet, as of early 2016 not all tools are web-ready. StratomeX and LineUp, for example, have reasonably feature-complete web-ports. Our pathway tools, on the other hand, still have a way to go.

For real-life data analysis, we recommend you stick to the standalone software for now, but be prepared to transition to the web soon!


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