Caleydo is an open source visual analysis framework targeted at biomolecular data. The biggest strength of Caleydo is the visualization of interdependencies between multiple datasets. Caleydo can load tabular data and groupings/clusterings. You can explore relationships between multiple groupings, between different datasets and see how your data maps onto pathways. Caleydo has been successfully used to analyze mRNA, miRNA, methylation, copy number variation, mutation status and clinical data as well as other datset types.


  • 26 Jul 2014 | Two new Caleydo papers at IEEE VIS 2013

    Two papers about new Caleydo projects have ben accepted at the premier conference for visualization, IEEE VIS. Domino is a new technique to visualize dataset slices and create advanced, customized visualization techniques. Contour allows analysts to explore multi-relational datasets to understand, for example, the interdependencies between drug candidates, phenotypic effects and pathways. Both papers will be presented by Caleydo team members in November in Paris.

  • 25 Jul 2014 | New Caleydo website goes live!

    The Caleydo Team is excited to announce the releases of a new website for the project.

  • 14 May 2014 | Caleydo 3.1.3 is released!

    This is a minor release with some new features.

  • 31 Jan 2014 | Press article about LineUp

    The Harvard SEAS press office has written a story about our LineUp technique.


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  • ConTour
    Relational Data Visualization
  • Domino
    Subset Visualization
  • Furby
    Bicluster Visualization

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